Sing to Win by Andrea Sarto

'Sing to Win' is the biggest programme on TV - everyone watches it and every singer wants to win it. Sofia loves singing, so she goes to an audition for Sing to Win - and makes friends with Emma. Emma is a very good singer, too, and soon there are stories about the two friends on TV and online. But not all the stories are true - and suddenly, being friends is not easy...

- Andrea Sarto


'It's your big day tomorrow, Sofia,' says Laura to her younger sister.

'I know. I can't wait! My audition for Sing to Win!' says Sofia.

'You're an amazing singer,' says Laura. 'The judges are going to love you! Then you can be on TV, in front of millions of people!'

Sofia laughs. 'Thanks, Laura - you only say that because you're my big sister!’

The next day, Sofia is waiting for her audition. In front of her, there is a girl with pink hair.

'Hey,' Sofia says. 'I love your hair!'

'Thanks - I like yours, too,' says the girl.

Just then, a reporter arrives. 'How are you feeling, girls? ' 'Excited!' they say together. Then they laugh.

'Are you sisters? ' the reporter asks.

'Er, no,' says Sofia.

'Friends? ' 'Well, yes - we are now!' says the girl. 'I'm Emma,' she says to Sofia.

Soon, it is Emma's audition.

'Here's my number,' says Sofia. 'Text me after your audition.'

'OK!' Emma says.

'And good luck!'

'Thanks! You too.' Emma smiles.

Now it is Sofia's audition. The judges are watching her, and everyone is very quiet. Suddenly, she feels nervous.

'This is it,' she thinks.

She sings well, and two of the judges say 'yes.' But she needs 'yes' from. all three judges, or she cannot be in Sing to Win.

Sofia waits nervously. After a long minute, the third judge says, 'OK, yes.'

'Wow!' says Sofia happily, and claps her hands.


That night, Sofia gets a text from Emma.

  • Are you going to be in Sing to Win? Emma x
  • Yes! 😁 You?
  • Wow! Me too!
  • Amazing! Want to meet on Saturday? 1pm? Do you know The Happy Cafe?
  • Yes - see you there!

It is Saturday at the cafe. Sofia and Emma are talking about Sing to Win.

'Our auditions are online now and people love us! ' Emma says.

'I know! It's amazing!' Sofia says.

'You have 23,429 likes .'

'Yes! And you have 21,632! Oh, and look at this people want us to sing together! I like that idea. What do you think? ' asks Sofia.

  • I like Sofia! #sofia2win
  • Emma is a good singer, too.
  • Go, Emma. Go!
  • I love their hair. #sofiablueemmapink
  • They look good together.
  • They need to sing together!

Emma is quiet, and she looks away. 'I don't know, Sofia. I'd like to sing on my own. I get very nervous when I sing with people.'

'That's OK. It's only an idea.'

'I'm sorry,' says Emma.

'It doesn't matter! Hey, are you going to have a sandwich? ' asks Sofia.

'Yes, good idea,' says Emma, and they look at the menu.

Just then, Sofia and Emma hear a new song 1n the cafe. They look up.

'Oh, I love this song!' says Emma.

'I love it, too!' Sofia laughs.


There is one month before the first round of Sing to Win. Sofia and Emma are doing things every day. They learn new songs and speak to reporters. But they text a lot, and meet at the weekends.

Lots of people like them. They want to see Sofia and Emma in the final.

One afternoon, Sofia is talking to some reporters. 'Why is your hair blue? ' asks one reporter. 'Which singers do you like? ' asks a second.

Then the reporter from the audition says, 'Are you going to sing with Emma in the first round? ' 'No, I'm going to sing on my own.'

'But people want you to sing together!' says the reporter.

'Well, Emma doesn't want to,' says Sofia. 'But I'm OK with that!’

The next morning, Sofia texts Emma.

  • Hi. How are you?

She texts her again after breakfast.

  • Me again. 🙃 Are we meeting today?

Emma does not answer, so Sofia texts her again in the afternoon.

  • You're quiet today! Nervous?

Then Emma answers.

  • Don't text me again.

Just then, Sofia's sister arrives home.

'Are you OK? ' asks Laura.

'No,' says Sofia, and she tells her sister about the texts.

'It's because of the story,' Laura says.

'What story? ' Sofia asks.

'About you and Emma. Look.’

  • 'SELFISH Emma wants to sing on her own,' says Sofia.
  • Sofia wants to sing with Emma, but Emma says, 'No. I'm better than Sofia.’

'Oh no. I' says Sofia. ‘It isn’t true. Why…?' 'Perhaps the reporter wants a good story,' says Laura.

Sofia phones Emma, but Emma does not answer.

Soon, everyone is talking about the story. People do not like Emma now.

  • Sofia is right: Emma is selfish! #selfishemma
  • Emma wants to win on her own. Bad idea!
  • Sofia is a better singer than Emma. #sofiabetter
  • Sofia is going to win - with or without Emma.

Sofia speaks to the reporter. 'That story isn't true,' she says. 'Emma isn't selfish.'

'But now lots of people are talking about you and Emma,' he says. " 'Selfish Emma" is the biggest story of Sing to Win! And it's good for you.'

'But it's wrong,' Sofia says.

'It doesn't matter,' the reporter says.


It is the first round of Sing to Win, but Sofia is not very excited.

'I'm going to see Emma today at Sing to Win,' she says to Laura. 'She isn't speaking to me, and I feel bad about the story.'

'Listen, Sofia, forget it. The reporter is wrong, not you,' says Laura.

'I know, but... ' says Sofia.

'No " buts" ! You need to be excited again. Do you love singing? ' asks Laura.

'Well, yes ... ' 'Then sing. Sing to win!’

Now Sofia is on the stage. She wants to sing well, but she is very nervous. Millions of people are watching her. The judges watch and listen carefully.

She is good. The judges like her, and the audience like her, too.

'Sofia! Sofia! Sofia!' they shout.

Now Sofia feels better... but next, it is Emma.

The audience do not like Emma. 'Boo!' they shout. Emma waits. She looks at her feet and her face is red. Sofia feels sorry for her. 'Oh no!' she thinks.

'Shhh!' say the judges. 'Be quiet, everyone!’

Then Emma sings. Her voice is beautiful. She is amazing! The audience are quiet now - very quiet. When Emma finishes, they all clap and stand up. The judges are standing up, too.

Emma smiles.

Then all the singers are on the stage together. What are the judges going to say? Everyone is waiting for them. The singers all want to be in the second round, but one person must go hon1e. The audience clap and shout.

Then, the judges stand up and say, 'Goodbye ... Harry!'

Sofia and Emma are in the second round!

Sofia finds Emma when they come off the stage. 'Oh, Emma! You're an amazing singer!'

'Thanks,' says Emma quietly.

'Emma, I'm sorry. The story isn't true - you're not selfish. Can we forget about it? ' Sofia asks.

This time, Emma does not answer. She looks down. Sofia runs away. She is crying, and she does not want Emma to see.

The next day, all the stories are about Emma. Sofia and Laura read them together.

  • AMAZING Emma!
  • Everyone loves Emma!
  • Emma can Sing to Win!

'I'm sorry, Sofia - nobody is talking about you now,' says Laura.

'It's OK. I'm happy for Emma, and I'm in the second round, too. But I want to be friends again,' she says.

'Give it some time,' says Laura. 'Then talk to her again.’


Two days later, Sofia gets a text from Emma.

  • Can we meet at The Happy Cafe? Tomorrow at 11.30? Emma x

The next day, Sofia arrives at The Happy Cafe at 11.30. Emma is sitting at a table near the window.

'Um ... hi,' says Sofia.

'Hi,' says Emma. 'Listen, Sofia, the story isn't true I can see that now. Reporters want a new story every day. I'm sorry.'

'Oh, thank you, Emma!'

'I need to listen to my friends, not reporters. They only want a good story.'

'You're right,' says Sofia.

There are seven more rounds of Sing to Win. Every week, one singer goes home; and every week, Sofia thinks, 'Is it me? ' But she is good, and the audience and the judges like her. They love Emma, too. They are both in the final - and better than that, they are friends again!

It is the big final. Sofia and Emma sing song after song after song. Sometimes Sofia is better, and sometimes Emma is better. But they are both amazing! Millions of people are watching them - in the audience and on TV.

They stand on the stage together. Who is the winner? Sofia feels very nervous. They wait for the judges, but the judges talk and talk. Son1e people are shouting, 'Sofia!' Some are shouting, 'Emma!' There is a lot of noise.

Suddenly, the judges call the winner's name:


Sofia smiles - she is second, but she is happy for her friend.

A judge says to Emma and Sofia, 'Are you going to sing together now? ' 'Yes! Yes! Sing together!' the audience shout.

Emma looks at Sofia. 'Let's do it!' she says.

'Really? ' says Sofia.

'Yes,' says Emma. She takes Sofia's hand, and they sing - friends together.

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