On the Sand by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta

don‧key /ˈdɒŋki $ ˈdɑːŋki/ ●○○ noun
 [countable] a grey or brown animal like a horse, but smaller and with long ears

   • The donkey decided to go to Bremen, a town where everyone played music.
   • This is my donkey in Austin

sand‧cas‧tle /ˈsændˌkɑːsəl $ -ˌkæ-/ noun [countable]
a small model of a castle, made out of sand by children playing on a beach

• Will I ever build sandcastles again?• Can we build another sandcastle today?

hide /haɪd/ ●●● S2 W2 verb (past tense hid /hɪd/past participle hidden /ˈhɪdn/)
[intransitive] to go or stay in a place where no one will see or find you

Quick, he’s coming! We’d better hide.
• We have only three choices - run, hide or die.

- Biff and Chip played on the sand.

- Dad went to sleep.

Biff and Chip put sand on Dad.

They made a sandcastle.

They put Dad's hat on top.

They went to get an ice cream.

Dad was still asleep.

Chip looked at the donkeys.

Biff looked at the boat.

They looked at the go-karts.

They looked at Dad's hat.

“Oh no!” said Biff.

Dad was hiding.

Biff was cross.

The hat was on a stick.

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