Floppy's Bath by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta

rab‧bit /ˈræbɪt/ ●●● S3 noun
[countable] a small animal with long ears and soft fur, that lives in a hole in the ground

   • Tomorrow you will be hopping around like a rabbit.
   • I once saw a red rabbit.

fence /fens/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]
structure made of woodmetal etc that surrounds a piece of land

• And there's a fence down in the south field...• The two women chatted over the garden fence.

wash /wɒʃ $ wɒːʃ, wɑːʃ/ ●●● S1 W3 verb
WASH SOMETHING [transitive] to clean something using water and a type of soap

This shirt needs washing.
• It’s your turn to wash the dishes.

- Floppy saw a rabbit.

- Floppy chased it.

It went under a fence.

Floppy got wet.

Floppy got muddy.

They took Floppy home.

“What a soggy doggy!” said Kipper.

They put Floppy in the bath.

Mum and Dad washed him.

Biff and Chip dried Floppy.

Floppy looked clean.

“What a good dog!” said Kipper.

Oh no!

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