Fancy Dress by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta

scare‧crow /ˈskeəkrəʊ $ ˈskerkroʊ/ noun
[countable] an object in the shape of a person that a farmer puts in a field to frighten birds away

   • They filled the fields with tattered scarecrows.
   • Just like the scarecrow in the land of Oz.

pi‧rate /ˈpaɪərət $ ˈpaɪrət/ ●○○ noun [countable]
someone who sails on the seasattacking other boats and stealing things from them

• But there may be pirates hiding among them.• A two-hour boat trip will take you to Lundy Island, once famous for its pirates and now for its puffins.

chick‧en /ˈtʃɪkɪn/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]
common farm bird that is kept for its meat and eggs 
  • They keep chickens in the back yard.
  • Chickens were pecking at the ground.

- Mum was a scarecrow.

- Biff was a pirate.

Chip was a pirate.

Kipper was an angel.

Dad was a chicken.

Everyone was happy.


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